Welcome to the International Art Therapy Organization (IATO) and our global community. One world, many visions...working together to create an inclusive and sustainable future for art therapy.

The International Art Therapy Organization (IATO) brings together art therapists, related professionals, and students involved in the fields of art therapy, therapeutic art making, and art for health and social transformation. Its purpose is to:

  • Establish and maintain a global community for education, communication, and exchange of information on art therapy, therapeutic art making, and art for health and social transformation;
  • Promote global understanding of art therapy through dissemination of leading edge news and development of media, online education, archives, and publications for its members and the public;
  • Encourage public recognition of how art therapy makes a difference through development of opportunities to serve to others in need, enhance health, and transform lives;
  • Advance collaborative research and program development among its members and affiliate groups.

Become a Member of IATO: It's Free

We believe that everyone who has a passion for art therapy, therapeutic art making, and art for health and social transformation deserves equal access to a community, information, and networking. Membership in IATO is free and no one group of people has to pay more than others to participate. We’re all in this together-- we believe that opportunities that encourage networking and collaboration, rather than hierarchy or chain of command, allow everyone to make a difference, have a voice, and contribute in a meaningful way. So as long as we can support IATO with other revenues, it's free to be part of the community. Go to the Members Section to sign up today!


Are you a member of the media? Please contact us for more information on art therapy and art therapists throughout the world at [email protected]. We will be happy to talk to you or refer you to an expert in the field.


In response to requests from international agencies in the US and around the world, IATO has been called upon to create a database of professionals to provide art therapy and psychosocial services as part of disaster relief. Click here for more information.

Are You on Facebook? Participate in the IATO Dialogue and Meet Members from Around the World

IATO uses cost-effective ways to build community among its members through available no-cost and low-cost social networking platforms. Join the almost 2000 like-minded individuals' dialogue at the International Art Therapy Organization @ Facebook. Meet others from around the world who have a passion for the field of art therapy, therapeutic art making, and art for health, wellness, and social transformation, share resources and research, and learn more about how art is changing lives, every day and everywhere. Contribute to the discussion board, post events, photos, and videos, and become part of a network that includes creative individuals from every continent. You can also become a fan of IATO at the International Art Therapy Organization Fan Page on Facebook and receive weekly links to interesting art therapy happenings and news from around the planet.


Art has the potential to change lives and often in profound ways. When words are not enough, we turn to images and symbols to tell our stories. And in telling our stories through art, we can find a path to health and wellness, emotional reparation, recovery, and ultimately, transformation.


View our film "Art Therapy, One World" here or full screen on YouTube.


FUSION: It's About the Art Therapy Alliance and International Art Therapy Organization

There's a "fusion" going on! In cooking, it's a style of blending ingredients and techniques from different cultures; in music, it's a blend of jazz and the repetitive rhythms of rock; and in life, it's the result of creative mixing of ideas, qualities, and perspectives. In all cases, it includes a release of energy and the birth of something new.

We think that the field of art therapy is ready for some new energy, excitement, and a blend of ideas, cultures, and people. If you are a member of IATO or Art Therapy Alliance, look for a "FUSION" coming to your e-mail box soon! Or download your free copy right here!

Are you looking for international art therapy websites and links to information around the world? Visit the International Art Therapy Associations websites and links page here. You will find links to art therapy organizations in South America, Asia, and Europe as well as networking opportunities with colleagues through discussion groups and professional networks.

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Art Therapy News from Around the World

Want to know what's happening in art therapy around the world? And what's new in IATO, Art Therapy Alliance, and beyond? Visit the Art Therapy News page and look for the latest updates via the IATO-Art Therapy Alliance enewsletter. Read about recent events, learn about the latest links to resources and information, and find out more about what others around the world are doing.

Read about more events on our News page!


IATO Members...Making a Difference!

Read stories about International Art Therapy Organization members and our Partners who are using art to make a difference. Visit FUSION, the digital zine and learn more about how art is making a difference in people's lives, every day and everywhere on the planet.

What is IATO? Who are we?

You know you want to know more about the International Art Therapy Organization! Learn more about the mission and purpose of IATO and about the people involved in this global community.

What is Art Therapy? Here is a description and a free PDF.


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